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Abacha, Sani

  • ZA-COM-04402
  • Person
  • 1943–1998
Nigerian Army officer and politician, who served as the de facto president of Nigeria from 1993 to 1998. Abacha fought for Nigeria in the country's civil war against Biafra and rose through the army ranks. The Abacha regime came under worldwide condemnation after the execution of the Ogoni Nine including Ken Saro Wiwa. He was chairperson of the Economic Community of West African States (Ecowas). He died from a heart attack.

Abdurahman, Abdullah

  • ZA-COM-04403
  • Person
  • 1872–1940
Medical doctor, politician and anti-apartheid activist. Father of Cissie Gool. First black person to be elected to the Cape Town City Council and the Cape Provincial Council. President of the African Political Organisation (APO). Posthumously awarded the Order for Meritorious Service: Class 1 (Gold) by Mandela in 1999, for his work against racial oppression.

Abedian, Iraj

  • ZA-COM-04548
  • Person
A graduate of University of Cape Town(UCT), and holds a PhD in economics from Simon Fraser University, Canada. He taught at UCT for over 18 years and was professor of economics at UCT before joining Standard Bank as Group Chief Economist in 2000. He was extensively involved in economic and financial policy as well as institutional restructuring of South Africa’s public finance policy after 1994. Alongside active involvement in private equity investments in Africa, Iraj maintains a keen interest in public policy issues and is proactively engaged in professional discourses related to the evolving socio-economic system worldwide.

Abiola, Moshood

  • ZA-COM-04406
  • Person
  • 1937–1998
Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola was a Nigerian businessman, publisher and politician. Known for his out-spoken political stances, Abiola lobbied the United States and several European nations in 1992, demanding reparations for the enslavement of African people and recompense for the fortunes made in harvesting Africa's raw materials. He won the 1993 elections but was forced to go into hiding. He called for an uprising to force the military to recognize the 1993 vote and was arrested him on June 23. Moshood died in 1998, only days before his scheduled release from prison.

Abubakar, Abdulsalami

  • ZA-COM-02968
  • Person
  • 1942 -
Retired Nigerian Army General who was Military Head of State from 9 June 1998 until 29 May 1999 who succeeded Sani Abacha. Led Nigeria’s contingent in the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon and eventually rose to the position of Chief of Defence Staff. Abubakar was one of the few generals in the Nigerian army who rose to the top without holding political office. He has held only command and military positions, and has, in general, stayed out of the political limelight. It was during his leadership that Nigeria adopted its new constitution in May 1999. Abubakar transferred power to president-elect Olusegun Obasanjo on May 29, 1999. He is retired and still lives in Nigeria.

Achebe, Chinua

  • ZA-COM-02966
  • Person
  • 10 June 1930 - 21 March 2013

Adebajo, Adekeye

  • ZA-COM-02961
  • Person
  • 12 December 1966 –

Dr. Adekeye Adebajo; exec. dir. of the Centre for Conflict Resolution (CCP), Cape Town, since 2003; previous dir., Africa Programme, New York-based International Peace Institute, and adj. prof., Columbia Univ.'s School of International and Public Affairs; he served on UN missions in South Africa, Western Sahara, and Iraq; doctorate from Oxford Univ., Rhodes Scholar.

Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi

  • ZA-COM-09530
  • Person
  • 15 September 1977 -
A Nigerian writer, novelist and feminist whose work drew extensively on the Biafran war in Nigeria during the late 1960s. She is famously known for her published books and short stories among the others , The Thing Around your Neck and her TED talks on The danger of a single story.

Agnos, Art

  • ZA-COM-04601
  • Person
Mayor, City and County of San Francisco

Ahtisaari, Martti

  • ZA-COM-02989
  • Person
  • 23 June 1937 -
A skilled diplomat and mediator who worked as the United Nations (UN) commissioner for Namibia (1977 – 981) and led the UN team that supervised Namibia’s transition to independence (1989 – 90). In 1994 he became the president of Finland, and urged his nation’s entry into the European Union (EU), and for the first half of 1999, Finland assumed the EU’s rotating presidency.

Ainslie, Jennifer Rosalynde

  • ZA-COM-07900
  • Person
  • 22 January 1932 - 23 September 1993
South African activist, journalist and publisher.

Ajayi, Ayo

  • ZA-COM-02994
  • Person
  • c.2016

Ajei, Ako

  • ZA-COM-09708
  • Person
  • 1917 - 2002
He was a nationalist politician from Ghana and also formed part of the big six. He was the founding member of the United Gold Coast Convention (UGCC).
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