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Kadalie, Clements

  • ZA-COM-05893
  • Person
  • 1896–1951
Trade unionist. An early South African trade union organisers, Kadalie was born in Malawi and arrived in South Africa in 1918. The following year he founded the Industrial and Commercial Union (ICU), later renamed the Industrial and Commercial Workers' Union of Africa. It played a significant part in representing workers until divisions led to its disintegration in the early 1930s. Kadalie stayed in South Africa, acting for a time as an ANC provincial organiser, till he died.


  • ZA-COM-05886
  • Corporate body

Joy, P.K.

  • ZA-COM-05883
  • Person

Katz, Jon

  • ZA-COM-05914
  • Person


  • ZA-COM-05938
  • Person

Khan, Ali

  • ZA-COM-05945
  • Person

Kew, Don

  • ZA-COM-05939
  • Person

King Kong

  • ZA-COM-05955
  • Corporate body

Keys, Derek

  • ZA-COM-05941
  • Person
  • 1931–
Politician and businessman. Finance minister in South Africa under both President de Klerk and President Mandela after a career in business. In December 1991, De Klerk appointed him minister of economic coordination and of trade and industry. The finance ministry was added to his portfolio in 1992. After being appointed to Mandela’s cabinet he resigned on 6 July 1994. He was replaced by Chris Liebenberg on 19 September.
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