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Maliba, Alpheus

  • ZA-COM-06165
  • Person
  • 1910–1967
Anti-apartheid activist. He was a leader of rural and peasant resistance in what was then the Northern Transvaal, and a member of the Communist Party. Despite the banning of the Communist Party and the ANC, he continued to mobilise and organise against the apartheid regime and was banned in 1953 then detained under the terrorism act in 1967. Two weeks after being taken to Pretoria central prison the authorities said that he had committed suicide in his cell.

Maqoma, Jongumsobomvu

  • ZA-COM-06189
  • Person
  • 1798–1873
Maqoma resisted his father's ceding of the land between the Fish and Keiskamma rivers to the Cape Colony. He fought in three of the nine frontier wars waging successful battles against the colonists. He was imprisoned on Robben Island for 12 years until 1869. His continued resistance led to his being imprisoned again on Robben Island where he died.


  • ZA-COM-06230
  • Corporate body


  • ZA-COM-06231
  • Corporate body

Maxeke, Charlotte Makgomo

  • ZA-COM-06242
  • Person
  • 1874–1939
Anti-apartheid activist, writer and organiser. After graduating from Wilberforce University in the United States, she became involved in political movements and women’s organisations. She was at the launch of the South African Native National Congress which later became the African National Congress. She wrote on the social and political situation of women. She participated in first women’s anti pass campaign. She took part in the formation of the Industrial and Commercial Workers Union.

Mayer, A.

  • ZA-COM-06245
  • Person

May, Ivan

  • ZA-COM-06244
  • Person


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  • Corporate body
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