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DJ Cleo

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Nkadimeng, John Kgwana

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  • Person
  • 1925-
Anti-apartheid activist and trade unionist. Detained during the 1952 Defiance Campaign, charged with treason in the 1956 Treason Trial and banned in 1963. He left the country in 1976 and worked in the liberation movement in exile. He was general secretary the South African Congress of Trade Unions (SACTU) in which position he contributed to the formation of the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU). He was appointed Ambassador to Cuba in 1995.

Healdtown College

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  • 1855–
Healdtown was a college in the Eastern Cape, a mission school of the Methodist church. Nelson Mandela enrolled at the college when he was 19 years old.

Blue Media

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Leon, Tony

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  • Person
  • 1956-

Liebenberg, Chris

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  • 1934-
Banker, politician. Worked his way up from the position of messenger in a bank to become one of the top bankers in South Africa, serving as the CEO of Nedbank. Minister of finance under President Mandela 1994–96. Mandela asked him to take over from Derek Keys who resigned as finance minister months into his presidency.

Ebrahim, Hassen

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Hassen Ebrahim, a lawyer and political activist, began serving as National Co-ordinator of the Negotiations Commission of the African National Congress (ANC) in 1991, and later as a member of the Transitional Executive Council.

Daniels, Eddie

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  • Person
  • 1928–2017
Political activist. Member of the Liberal Party of South Africa. Member of the African Resistance Movement which sabotaged non-human targets as a statement against the government. Served a fifteen-year sentence in Robben Island Prison where he was held in B section with Mandela. He was banned immediately after his release in 1979. Received the Order of Luthuli in Silver from the South African government in 2005. Mandela calls him ‘Danie’

King, Don

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Hodgson, Rica

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  • 1 July 1920 - 11 January 2018

In 1943‚ Rica Hodson became a fundraiser for the Springbok Legion‚ an organisation comprising ex-servicemen who opposed the rising threat of fascism in South Africa. Hodgson joined the SACP in 1946 and‚ in 1953‚ was a founding member of the Congress of Democrats (COD)‚ which organised white progressives into the mainstream Congress Alliance headed by the ANC. She was the national secretary of the COD until August 1954‚ when she was served with banning orders‚ under the Suppression of Communism Act.
Hodgson served on the national action council of the 1955 Congress of the People. In 1957‚ she became secretary of the Treason Trial Defence Fund following the arrest of 156 people and‚ in 1961‚ for the Johannesburg branch of the Defence and Aid Fund‚ South Africa. In 1959‚ she was secretary for the production King Kong that sought to promote black jazz musicians and non-racial performances.

Hodgson was detained during the 1960 state of emergency. In the build up to the launch of the joint SACP-ANC military wing uMkhonto weSizwe (MK)‚ The Hodgson’s flat in Hillbrow‚ Johannesburg‚ was used to produce explosives for the 1961 Sabotage Campaign. In 1962‚ in the same flat‚ she and Jack Hodgson, whom she married in 1945, were placed under house arrest.

They left the country illegally in mid-1963 to set up a transit centre outside Lobatse in then Bechuanaland for MK cadres en-route to training abroad. From 1964 to 1981‚ Hodgson worked for the British Defence and Aid Fund and headed the welfare section of the International Defence and Aid Fund‚ covertly channelling funds for the defence of apartheid prisoners and the support of their families. Hodgson also assisted in SACP‚ ANC and MK work‚ and the Hodgson’s London flat was meeting place for Jack and others producing underground material for the struggle at home.

Hodgson joined her son‚ Spencer and his family in the development of the Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College‚ established in Tanzania after the 1976 Soweto uprising.

Hodgson returned to South Africa in 1991 after the unbanning of the SACP and the ANC.


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  • 2011

Gates, Bill

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  • 1955 -

Chiba, Laloo Isu

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  • 5 November 1930 - 8 December 2017
South African politician and revolutionary. He was arrested and sentenced at Rivonia Trial in 1964 with Mac Maharaj and Wilton Mkwayi to join Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki and other revolutionary prisoners on Robben Island.

Nzimande, Bonginkosi Emmanuel

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  • Person
  • 14 April 1958 -
Industrial Sociologist, Industrial Psychologist, lecturer, author, member of a number of progressive education organizations, General Secretary of the South African Communist Party and Council member at the University of South Africa.

Chaskalson, Arthur

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  • Person
  • 1931-2012
Lawyer, civil activist and judge. He defended liberation movement members in several political trials including the Rivonia Trial. In 1978 he helped establish the Legal Resources Centre (LRC), a non-profit organisation which used law to pursue justice and human rights. He became the first president of South Africa’s new Constitutional Court in 1994 and was Chief Justice from 2001 until retirement in 2005.
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