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Seedat, Hassim Mohamed

  • ZA-CoM-02604
  • Person
  • 1930 - 5 June 2019
Attorney, political prisoner, Natal Indian Congress treasurer and member of the Democratic Lawyers Association.

Phaahla, Mathume Joseph

  • ZA-COM-09181
  • Person
  • 11 July 1957 -
Member of the African National Congress (ANC), Azanian Students' Organization (AZASO) and Secretary of the United Democratic Front (UDF) in KwaZulu-Natal. Former Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform and currently Deputy Minister of Arts and Culture in South Africa.

Mashamba, Joyce

  • ZA-COM-09165
  • Person
  • 25 September 1950 - 1 June 2018

Mapikela, Thomas Mtobi

  • ZA-COM-09161
  • Person
  • 12 November 1869 - 1945
Political activist and founder of African National Congress (ANC)

Gqubule, Theocritus Simon Ndizweni

  • ZA-COM-09155
  • Person
  • 18 February 1928 - 26 May 2016
Theologian, member of the Federal Theological Seminary, anti-apartheid activist, educationalist, community leader, member of African National Congress (ANC) and United Democratic Front (UDF). He was banned by apartheid regime, former President of Federal Theological Seminary of Southern Africa (FEDSEM), former vice-president of South African Council of Churches (SACC). He is a recipient of the The Herald GM Citizen of the Year Award, Fort Hare University Honorary Doctorate, Rhodes University Honorary Doctorate and Distinguished Old Rhodian Award, SMMS's First Grand Chancellor and recipient of Government's National Order for his commitment to the liberation struggle, education and religion.

Basner, Hyman Meir

  • ZA-COM-09152
  • Person
  • 1905 - 1977
Political activist, lawyer and journalist member of South African Communist Party (SACP).

Nkoli, Simon Tseko

  • ZA-COM-09143
  • Person
  • 26 November 1957 - 30 November 1998
Gay activist and anti-apartheid leader who fought for freedom and social justice in South Africa during the anti-apartheid struggle. His courage to live openly as a gay man coupled with his tireless work within the anti-apartheid movement help shift the anti-gay opinions of many for those within the movement.

Friedman, Bernard

  • ZA-COM-09133
  • Person
  • 1896 - 1984
South African surgeon, politician, author and businessman who co-fund the anti-apartheid Progressive Party.

Tikly, Mohammed

  • ZA-COM-09119
  • Person
Member of the Transvaal Indian Congress (TIC) and the African National Congress (ANC), coordinator of the Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College (SOMAFCO), Batlagae Trust. He also worked at the Department if National Education. Member of the African National Congress's Archives' committee and the Archives at Fort Hare University. Lastly, he is a trustee of Desmond Tutu Diversity Trust.

Zulu, Letshego

  • ZA-COM-09114
  • Person
  • 23 August 1984 -

Schreiner, Olive

  • ZA-COM-09112
  • Person
  • 24 March 1855 - 11 December 1920
Feminist writer.

Strijdom, Johannes Gerhardus

  • ZA-COM-09108
Member and former secretary of the National Party. Former Minister of South Africa from 30 November 1954 to 24 August 1958.
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