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Nelson Mandela has been the subject of numerous documentaries, feature films and news specials. This list is not exhaustive. Any additions or comments would be gratefully received, please reach us via To see whether the...

Nelson Mandela Foundation (NMF)

Panorama : The Rivonia Trial [The] : [Filmography]

Robin Day, reporting for the BBC’s Panorama programme was on hand on the final day of judgement. Footage exterior the Palace of Justice in Pretoria, still photographs of the accused, and an interview with Winnie Mandela (I shall never lose hope) T...

Day, Robin

Isitwalandwe : The Story of the Freedom Charter : [Filmography]

Documentary on the South African Freedom Charter. Contains archive footage and interviews, including footage secretly filmed by Ike Rosenberg on the last day of the Treason Trial in 1961, of Nelson Mandela inside the courthouse and a shot of him e...

Shall Never Lose Hope : [Filmography]

A film on the Mandela family. Includes interviews with Zinzi Mandela, Denis Goldberg and an extended interview with Winnie Mandela., including reading a letter from Nelson Mandela, then in Pollsmoor Prison.

Serfontein, Hennie & Anli

Winnie Mandela : [Filmography]

During the more than a quarter of a century that her husband spent in jail, Winnie Mandela was persecuted by the white authorities, first to put pressure on her husband, and then because she developed as a leader in her own right. Under enormous c...

Davis, Peter

Mandela : [Filmography]

Danny Glover was nominated for an Emmy for his role as Mandela. Alfre Woodard played Winnie Mandela. With little real biographical notes, the script covers from 1948 to 1987, and shows the young Mandela as lawyer and fervent anti-apartheid activis...

Saville, Phillip

Remember Mandela! : [Filmography]

This documentary was made in 1988 while Nelson Mandela was still serving a life sentence in a South African prison, convicted of planning a rebellion. It was a period of darkest repression, and Mandela’s role seemed to have diminished. By recordin...

Davis, Peter

Nelson Mandela : Free At Last! : [Filmography]

Hosted by Charlayne Hunter-Gault, this documentary chronicles Mandela’s story against the backdrop of the fight against apartheid, the negotiations and his eventual triumph on the world stage.

Schechter, Danny

Viva Mandela : [Filmography]

Narrated by Kenneth Kaunda, this documentary relates Mandela’s battle against apartheid. Historical footage and top musicians perform and give comment.

Stylianou, Jane

Mandela In America : [Filmography]

His triumphant visit to the US 9 cities in 11 days soon after his release, providing Americans with memorable private and public moments

Schechter, Danny

Facing The Unthinkable : [Filmography]

David Dimbleby interviews F.W. de Klerk and Nelson Mandela on the eve of De Klerk's departure for the United States (September 1990). De Klerk is asked about the violence between Inkatha and ANC supporters, the possible existence of a "t...

Harrison, David

Morning Britain : [Filmography]

ITV’s (Independent Television) breakfast programme which aired from 1983 to 1992 under a variety of hosts. Nelson Mandela was interviewed by Michael Parkinson.


Nelson Mandela : The Man & His Country : [Filmography]

Celebrates the historic release of Nelson Mandela. Film starts in his home town, traces his political career and follows his 27 years of imprisonment. Interviews with among others Rev. Jesse Jackson,James Michener, Coretta Scott-King and Winnie Ma...

ABC News

Mandela In Boston : [Filmography]

A WGBH in depth news documentary for The Ten O’ Clock News. A news and public affairs programme which originated in 1976 and continued to air into 1991. This special showed preparations in Boston for Mandela’s visit and interviewed numerous indivi...

Anderson, Juanita

Bill Moyers : Beyond Hate, Facing Hate, Hate on Trial : [Filmography]

Part of a trilogy : Beyond Hate, Facing Hate, Hate on TrialBeyond Hate : chronicles the impact of hate on its victims, and probes its many dimensions. Moyers listens to those gripped by hatred and those victimized by it. He also focuses on individ...

International Cultural Programming

Malcolm X : [Filmography]

Excellent biographical account of Malcolm X’s life featuring Denzel Washington. Lee did certain filming in Soweto and Nelson Mandela played the role of a Soweto School teacher Features Denzel Washington, Angela Basset

Lee, Spike

Ulibambe Lingashoni : Hold Up The Sun : [Filmography]

A five part series tracing the history of the ANC from 1912 to 1990. Includes historical and contemporary footage and photographs and many interviews including Mandela and exerpts from his famous speech : Not The Kings and Generals at the FNB Stad...

Nathan, Jeremy

Nelson Mandela : The Struggle Is My Life : [Filmography]

A documentary by one of South Africa’s pioneering filmmakers on the life and political career of Nelson Mandela in his fight against apartheid, including interviews with persons who have known him well and footage of some of the significant newswo...

Ngakane, Lionel

Children of Africa : [Filmography]

An organization founded in 1991 this is a music documentary incorporating many luminaries including Hugh Masakela, Issac Hayes, Nelson Mandela as himself

Powell, Aubrey

Bisho : The Story Behind the Massacre : [Filmography]

On 7th September 1992, thousands of people marched to Bisho to demand free political activity in the Ciskei. Troops opened fire on the crowd, killing 29 and injuring 300. The documentary shows footage of the massacre, explaining what happened, why...

Makgetla, Zeph

A Personal Appeal : [Filmography]

When Chris Hani was assassinated, Nelson Mandela was the only man capable of making an appeal to all South Africans to maintain a calm in the wake of Hani


The Last Mile: Mandela, Africa & Democracy : [Filmography]

Written and narrated by Tom Carver; produced and directed by Jennifer Pogrund; Dewald Aukema, camera; Henion Han, editor; William Kentridge, associate producer. Mandela's first trip to several African countries after his release.

Pogrund, Jennifer

Inside The Struggle: The Amy Biehl Story : [Filmography]

Synopses: According to Keyan Tomaselli, The Amy Biehl story is an excellently made production which appeals emotionally to viewers in its quest to understand the nature of conflict in South Africa, and why Biehl became a victim. The film becomes t...

Diane Sawyer / Turning Point

In Darkest Hollywood : [Filmography]

This two-part series examines the role of cinema in both supporting and attacking apartheid. It questions Hollywood’s commitment to racial stereo types and reluctance to depict black heroes. Among those appearing are: Lewis Nkosi, Zakes Mokae, Sir...

Riesenfeld, Daniel

SABC debate : Mandela and de Klerk : [Filmography]

Just prior to the 1994 elections, Nelson Mandela and F.W. de Klerk held a live debate on SABC. After much sparring the evening finished with a handshake initiated by Mandela

South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC)

Ordinary People: A Day With the President : [Filmography]

According to Keyan Tomaselli, The Amy Biehl story is an excellently made production which appeals emotionally to viewers in its quest to understand the nature of conflict in South Africa, and why Biehl became a victim. The film becomes the Biehl’s...

Gavshon, Harriet

Voices From Robben Island : [Filmography]

The film looks at the 400 year history of Robben Island from the seventeenth century to the present day. Robben Island began as a place of banishment for social outcasts, lepers and lunatics and in the nineteen sixties was turned into a high secur...

Low, Adam

Many Faces of Death : 8 part documentary series [The] : [Filmography]

The New York Times describes this documentary as an unblinking look at the bloody toll of a culture of brutality. It includes newsreel footage of riots, police brutality, assassinations and much more.Nelson Mandela appears as archive footage in ep...

PIF Films International

Prisoners of Hope: Robben Island Reunion : [Filmography]

Presents the reunion and conference for former South African political prisoners held at the Robben Island Prison. These survivors of the apartheid system relate their personal experiences at the prison and rekindle friendships formed there.

Schechter, Danny

Man Who Drove With Mandela [The] : [Filmography]

Nelson Mandela used to drive around as a chauffer meeting with people. The distinguished white man in the back of the car was Cecil Williams, a gay theatre direct and a member of the Communist Party who led a double life. Mandela was with Williams...

Gevisser, Mark

Anne Frank Remembered : [Filmography]

Winner of both an Oscar and Emmy award, this documentary on holocaust victim Anne Frank features Nelson Mandela as archive footage

Blair, Jon

Dynasty : The Nehru-Gandhi Story : [Filmography]

The story of the Nehru and Gandhi families and their quest to lead India to peace and prosperity. This in-depth, insightful program chronicles the dynasty established by the Nehrus and their long lasting influence on one of the largest and most po...

WGBH/Boston for Brook Associates/London

Mandela and the Children : Mandela at Skydome : [Filmography]

50,000 school children attended the Skydome in Toronto for the launch of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund . Hosted by Juliette Powell and Paul Gross. with an address by Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and performances by the Ubuntu children's ...

Rooney, Robert

Apartheid Did Not Die : [Filmography]

Journalist John Pilger discusses economic apartheid, attempts at reconciliation and what reconciliation meant to people. Includes interview with Mandela.

Lowery, Alan

Long Walk Of Nelson Mandela: Mandela Accused # 1 : [Filmography]

Multiple and often conflicting views of Mandela as told by friends, allies & adversaries, This Emmy nominated (for research) documentary does not feature an interview with Mandela himself, rather, his story is told through the eyes of others. ...

Carlin, John

Television : [Filmography]

Director Lance Larson investigates the surprise victory of the National Party in the 1994 elections in the Western Cape where the whites do not hold the majority. The film also takes an investigative look at South Africa’s future with a focus on e...

Samizdat Films

Nelson Mandela : A Righteous Man : [Filmography]

Selected for the Brighton, Vancouver and Toronto Film Festivals, this documentary was made for The Cape Town Jewish Museum where it plays daily. Mandela gives insights into events which shaped his thinking. Numerous friends, colleagues and general...

Gavshon, Ingrid

ABC 2000 The Millenium : [Filmography]

An ambitious project hosted by Peter Jennings who remained on air for the full 23 hour broadcast, ABC had placed correspondents in every corner of the globe to project this news broadcast which began on the 31 December 1999 and finished 24 hours l...

Goodman, Roger

Baba Mandela : [Filmography]

Kevin Kariuki is a 10-year-old boy who lives on the streets of Kibera, East Africa's biggest slum. He has never left the city, but in this movie he narrates his experience as he visits communities whose livelihood are destroying the very reso...

Milani, Riccardo

The Beatles Revolution : [Filmography]

Celebrities explain how the Beatles who only appear in archive footage influenced their lives. Nelson Mandela appears in archive and is uncredited

Bednar, Rudy

Fidel : The Unknown Story : [Filmography]

Well received documentary on Fidel Castro which covers 40 years of his life. The film contains previously unseen archive footage and interviews with many prominent people including Nelson Mandela, Harry Belafonte, Ted turner and Alice Walker. At t...

Bravo, Estela

HBO First Look : [Filmography]

Series from 1997 to 2006 Musical artists, their careers, their highs, their lows and everything in between are profiled and interviewed. The episode on ex Spice Girl Gerry Haliwell , features Nelson Mandela in archive footage

Harper, Wiliam

Breakfast With Frost : [Filmography]

Ep. Dated 29 April 2001 BBC aired Sir David Frost’s Sunday morning political chat from 1993 to 2005, the show ended after 500 episodes. Nelson Mandela was interviewed on the 29 April 2001.

South African Freedom Day Concert On The Square : [Filmography]

This 2001 concert held on Trafalgar Square in London celebrated the 7th anniversary of South Africa’s first free elections. 20,000 people joined Nelson Mandela and Tony Blair for a day of music and solidarity. A dvd of the event was released in 2002.

Gregory, Tony

Amandla! A Revolution in Four Part Harmony : [Filmography]

Award winning documentary exploring the role of music in the struggle against apartheid in South Africa. Told through interviews and archive footage, the film tells a chronological history of the struggle and the way music was used . Songs united ...

Hirsch, Lee

Mandela The Living Legend : [Filmography]

A two part documentary presented by David Dimbleby who had unprecedented access to Nelson Mandela. Mandela speaks openly about his personal life, the influence of his father and his life after the presidency. Many of his friends and colleagues wer...

Allan, Dominic

Les Dix : [Filmography]

Nelson Mandela appears as himself in this documentary where interviews are conducted with Yasser Arafat, Saddam Hussein and Fidel Castro

Goupil, Sophie

XX1 Century : [Filmography]

A seven part documentary series designed to give context and perspective to events in the world since the 2000 USA presidential election and 09/11.The film makers met with intellectuals, political observers, journalists, historians and analysts in...

Kronprins Af Tiden : [Filmography]

Documentary about Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik, portraying his childhood and teenage years, and highlighting his professional career. Includes voxpop on 'Strøget' in Copenhagen where Danes give their opinion about their King to c...

Hagen Petersen, Claus

Corporation [The] : [Filmography]

An award winning Canadian documentary which examines the American legal decision that a business corporation is legally a person. A corporation has therefore become a dominant economic, political and social force around the globe. What the documen...

Bakan, Joel

Sophiatown : [Filmography]

The story of Sophiatown, a freehold township which was raised to the ground by the apartheid government in the 50s. Sophiatown embodied jazz, politics, the great intellects and of course, gangsters who adopted their style and names from Hollywood ...

Lamche, Pascale

Nelson Mandela : Au nom de la liberté

Nelson Mandela is a legend. A icon. A name. Nowadays, 90 year-old Mandela has no longer any official responsibilities, and he devotes a lot of time fighting against AIDS through his foundation. His life became a destiny. It began in a village of T...

Calmettes, Joel

Madiba: The Life and Times of Nelson Mandela : [Filmography]

A two-hour documentary special produced for the CBC’s (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Life and Times. Mandela talks of his love of children, how apartheid affected him, facing the death sentence, how he survived prison, won over his enemies, a...

Benger, Robin

Nelson Mandela Aids Day Concert: The Event : [Filmography]

On Saturday 29 November 2003, the Green Point stadium in Cape Town was the venue for the first 46664 concert to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS. Nelson Mandela hosted contributing artists from all over the world performed in front of a live audience ...

Accused # 1: Nelson Mandela : [Filmography]

The Treason Trial following the raid at Liliesleaf Farm in Rivonia. The documentary features exclusive interviews with Nelson Mandela and the surviving trialists, including members of the defence and the prosecution, as well as insightful intervie...

Lamche, Pascale

Boda Real : [Filmography]

The live broadcast of the Royal Spanish wedding between Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia. Attended by royalty and VIP guests from all over the world, Nelson Mandela appears as himself.

Montemayor, Javier

Drum : [Filmography]

Based on events in journalist Henry Nxumalo’s life (portrayed by Taye Diggs) the film explores life in Sophiatown and the famous magazine Drum. Nelson Mandela is a cameo played by actor Lindani Nkosi.

Filardi, Jason

Legenden : Nelson Mandela : [Filmography]

The documentary series Legenden (Legends) has been running on ARD Germany since 1997.Nelson Mandela tells the story of a revolutionary with charisma and a man with a natural authority.

Sucher, Walter

Out of Africa : Heroes and Icons : [Filmography]

This documentary celebrates the achievements of today’s black role models by connecting them with those black icons who have gone before them. Nelson Mandela appears as himself and the programme features Desmond Tutu, Maya Angelou, Linford Christi...

Lester, Adrian

Live 8 : [Filmography]

Live 8 was a string of benefit concerts that took place in July 2005 in the G8 States and the South Africa, timed to precede the G8 Summit held at Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland. The concert also coincided with the 20th anniversary of Live Aid.More ...

Hopkins, Nick

Shot That Shook The World [The] : [Filmography]

As part of ITV’s 50th Birthday Celebration, a look back at 50 years of amazing news footage brought to Britain by by ITN News. Nelson Mandela appears in archive footage interviewed by Brian Widlake in 1962

Polletta, Gabriella

Twelve Disciples of Nelson Mandela [The] : [Filmography]

Benjamin Pule Leinaeng, or Lee, as everyone called him, had been among the first wave of exiles to leave South Africa in 1960. Lee dedicated his life to becoming a broadcast journalist in service of South African liberation, ultimately going to wo...

Allen-Harris, Thomas

District 6 homecoming of the elders : [Filmography]

Moegamat Tape of Woodstock talks to Dan Ndzabela (82) of Gugulethu in front of their new homes in District Six. District Six was established in the 1800s as a mixed community of freed slaves. The apartheid government declared District Six a whites...

Paramoer, Eugene

Queen [The] : [Filmography]

After the death of Princess Diana, HM Queen Elizabeth II struggles with her reaction to a sequence of events nobody could have predicted.A brilliant portrayal of Queen Elizabeth 2 by Helen Mirren. Nelson Mandela as himself in archive footage.

Frears, Stephen

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