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Promos [sound/video] Nelson Mandela Foundation (NMF)
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Nelson Mandela Foundation: Madiba-Monaco United for World Charities, 2007.08.21, Houghton: [Recorded Event]

Nelson Mandela message recording for the Monaco United for better world charities. Mentions the specific work done by the three Mandela charities and says that the united for a better world charities will be helping each of these three Nelson Mandela charities that have been mentioned to continue their work into the future

Nelson Mandela Foundation (NMF)

Nelson Mandela Foundation: Nelson Mandela 1918-2013, 2013: [Promo]

Promotional video of Nelson Mandela focusing on the life changing milestones in his life. The quotes being the getting education, involvement in politics, imprisonment in Robben Island, release from prison, inauguration and oath of office and post presidency.

Nelson Mandela Foundation (NMF)

Nelson Mandela message on the work of Mindset on education

Nelson Mandela Foundation promo on the work of Mindset an educational network on the launch of Mindset network. Mindest network is a project that aims to use technology for teaching and learning in schoold in South Africa and other parts of Africa.

Nelson Mandela Foundation (NMF)

Promotion of Nelson Mandela Foundation, 2002, South Africa: [Promo]

Clips of Nelson Mandela with FW De Klerk, Nelson Mandela travelling throughout mentioning that as long as there are challenges in South Africa, that his long walk is not yet ended. Promo showing trustees Tokyo Sexwale, Mrs Irene Menell, Professor Jakes Gerwel and Nelson Mandela on the work of Nelson Mandela Foundation.

Nelson Mandela Foundation (NMF)

Nelson Mandela promo on the work of the Foundation, Houghton: [Promo]

Nelson Mandela mentions that education and health are the most important things, building clinics and schools are important in the rural areas as they make sure that the rural community also enjoys the same facilities that are otherwise taken for granted by the people living in the urban areas. People- Nelson Mandela, the trustees Mrs Irene Mennel, Tokyo Sexwale and Professor Jakes Gerwel.

Nelson Mandela Foundation (NMF)

Nelson Mandela Foundation: Promotion for the Clinton Foundation, 2009.06.30, South Africa: [Promo]

Promotion for the Clinton Foundation. The promotion has images of Nelson Mandela in Robben Island in the garden, Nelson Mandela’s prison cell, Nelson Mandela letters in Robben Island, images of Nelson Mandela with Morgan Freeman, Nelson Mandela with Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela voting, Nelson Mandela with HIV positive Children in Khayelitsha clinic and Zola clinic, with Nelson Mandela with Winnie Mandela and Zoleka as a baby, Nelson Mandela with FW De Klerk both receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, Nelson Mandela with Albertina Sisulu, Nelson Mandela with the Soweto gospel choir in different uniforms, several photos with Bill Clinton and Nelson Mandela with her daughter Makaziwe (Maki) in a boat.

Nelson Mandela Foundation (NMF)