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Edinburg: Commonwealth leaders meeting/ Lockerbie trial

Commonwealth leaders meeting / Lockerbie trial : Nelson Mandela has caused a controversy by siding with Colonel Gaddafi in the diplomatic wrangle over how to bring the Lockerbie bombers to justice. He has called for a fair trial in a neutral country for the two Libyans accuses of the attack.

End Loans to Southern Africa

The End Loans to Southern Africa (ELTSA) started in 1974 with campaigns against British banks with South Africa ties. Its aim was to end apartheid through the imposition of effective financial sanctions. It broadened its work to include consumer and shareholder action and parliamentary lobbying. It did a lot of research to support its campaigns. It transformed itself into the Southern Africa Economic Research Unit (SAERU) in 1994.

Ethical Investment Research Service

In 1983 the Ethical Investment Research Service (EIRIS) was founded as a socially responsible investment (SRI) research house with a purview extending beyond its national boundaries in the United Kingdom. EIRIS was first established by a group of British churches and charities, including Christian Concern for Southern Africa, who needed information to put their principles into practice regarding their investments. At that time, they were particularly keen on understanding more about what British companies were doing to alleviate the situation in apartheid South Africa.

Freedom of the City of Glasgow

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  • 4 August 1981
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The Scroll was accepted on behalf of Mandela by Vice-President of Nigeria, Dr Ekwueme (Alex). Presented by Lord Provost Mr Michael Kelly. The scroll, known as the Burgess Ticket, was to be kept in Government House, Lagos and "when M gains M's freedom in I hope, the not too distant future, he will be able to come to Lagos to receive it"

Hackney Trades Council

The Hackney Trades Council was a trade union organisation that was involved in a wide variety of local and national campaigns and issues, including the anti-apartheid movement.

Hannah Stanton

Hannah Stanton was a missionary and anti-apartheid activist who worked in South Africa and the UK. Following the increased violence and activities of the South African police, culminating in the Sharpeville Massacre of 21 March 1960, she found herself under surveillance. On 30 March 1960 she was arrested and held without charge, and without access to a lawyer until 21 May 1960, when she was deported to the UK. During this time she was held at Pretoria Central Gaol, where she shared a cell with Helen Joseph. After her deportation she became involved in various anti-apartheid campaigns, including those of the AAM.

Health and Refugee Trust of South Africa

The Health and Refugee Trust of South Africa was established in 1988. The prime objective of HEART was the provision of health and welfare to the tens of thousands of South African refugees during the apartheid regime. They sought to actively promote health education, immunisation, nutrition, and provision of essential drugs, water and sanitation and treatment of common diseases.

Honorary Freeman of the London Borough of Greenwich

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  • 20 July 1983 and 13 March 2012
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Honorary Freemanship presented to Mr Mandela in appreciation of his service to Greenwich and his contribution to world peace, UK. A Resolution to Reaffirm the Honorary Freedom of Greenwich was passed on 13 March 2012

London Borough of Greenwich

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