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War and Peace [_nTT3YpG1QI]

Nelson Mandela is a great reader. At school he read widely, and while in the anti-apartheid struggle, particularly as he was trying to establish a liberation army, he devoured whatever he could on armed struggles all over the world. In prison, he read whatever books he could get his hands on. He is also a great strategist, whether as a young boxer when he strategised about how to outwit his foes in the ring or as a chess player or a political activist, he would always think through his next move. He often spoke of non-violence as a strategy, rather than as a principle. Here he focuses on the strategy of the Russian army.

Mandela, Nelson Rolihlahla

Statement issued by the Honorary Secretary of the All-in-African National Action Council, 1961.06.05: [Set of 4 Images]

  • ZA COM NMPP 2010/51
  • page
  • 1961-06-05
Typed statement issued and signed by Nelson Mandela in his capacity as Secretary of the All-in-African National Action Council. The statement expresses disgust at the action of the authorities in closing the Fort Hare and Healdtown educational institutions, thereby victimising students for participating in a peaceful nation-wide protest (being a stay-away which was organised by the Council to coincide with South Africa's becoming a Republic on 31 May 1961).
Includes covering note and envelope.

Mandela, Nelson Rolihlahla