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Facing The Unthinkable : [Filmography]

David Dimbleby interviews F.W. de Klerk and Nelson Mandela on the eve of De Klerk's departure for the United States (September 1990). De Klerk is asked about the violence between Inkatha and ANC supporters, the possible existence of a "third force" of right wing whites, the security forces' intervention in the fighting (Operation Iron Fist) and the relationship between Nelson Mandela and himself. Mr Mandela attacks government measures to curb the violence, threatens a possible withdrawal from the peace talks, comments on a possible meeting between Inkatha and the ANC, and responds to criticism of his wife, Winnie.

Harrison, David

Mandela The Living Legend : [Filmography]

A two part documentary presented by David Dimbleby who had unprecedented access to Nelson Mandela. Mandela speaks openly about his personal life, the influence of his father and his life after the presidency. Many of his friends and colleagues were interviewed for this programme.

Allan, Dominic

Frontline: Apartheid’s Last Stand : [Filmography]

Three years after Nelson Mandela's release from prison, talks between Mandela's African National Congress and the government of President FW de Klerk show signs of reaching an agreement that will end apartheid. Frontline correspondent John Matisonn investigates the forces and politics behind the ongoing violence and examines how de Klerk and Mandela have pushed through the peace process, detailing what has led both leaders to major compromises in their negotiations.

Harrison, David