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Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP)
  • Implemented by Mandela’s ANC government, the RDP was designed to address the huge socioeconomic disparities created by apartheid. It focused on alleviating poverty and addressing massive shortfalls in social services.
Delmas Treason Trial, 1985–1988 1
70th Birthday 1
Boipating Massacre, 1992 1

Use for: Disabled, Disability

Treason Trial, 1956–1961

Use for: Treason Trial (State vs F Adams and Others)

  • The Treason Trial was the apartheid government’s attempt to quell the power of the Congress Alliance. In early morning raids on 5 December 1956, 156 individuals were arrested and charged with high treason. By the end of the trial in March 1961 all the accused either had the charges withdrawn or, in the case of the last twenty-eight accused including Mandela, were acquitted.
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